Quantum Leap in Sales Volume From 500 SAR To 90,000 SAR Sales Daily

in makaseb we could manage a store specializing in home textiles and could increase sales daily from 500 SAR to 90.000 SAR.
Quantum Leap in Sales Volume From 500 SAR To 90,000 SAR Sales Daily

How did we start with Quantum Leap in Sales Volume From 500 SAR To 90,000 SAR Sales Daily?

How did we succeed in boosting the sales of a store specializing in Home Textiles from 500 SAR per day to reaching 90,000 SAR on some days, or at the very least 40,000 SAR on other days and From a total of 90,000 SAR in monthly sales to sales estimated at 780,000 SAR monthly, and from 310 monthly orders to monthly orders reaching up to 2,250.

Steps to Success: Analysis, Planning, Goal Setting

Analysis Phase:

  • Analyzed the website, products, and advertising accounts, and studied the products and the market.
  •  Identified website problems, which included:
  1.   Lack of product descriptions that encourage customers to make a purchase.
  2.   Very poor quality of product images.
  3.   Overstock of some products in large quantities.
  4.   Some issues on the website and product pages.
  5.   Advertising accounts were new and had no customer data.
  6.   Lack of attractive offers for customers.

After analyzing the store, the market, and the competitors, a suitable business plan was developed to achieve the highest return at the lowest cost. The stages of the plan were defined, an appropriate budget was determined, and it was allocated over periods to avoid wasting any amount without maximizing benefit from it.

Planning Phase:

  1. We solved website issues and created landing pages for the products to be promoted.
  2. Wrote convincing product descriptions to encourage purchases.
  3. Changed product images.
  4. Offered discounts on overstocked products.
  5. Presented products from various angles and in different including, creatives and videos.
  6. Filmed videos with celebrities.
  7. Allocated the budget across platforms and stages (testing, selling, scaling).

Testing Phase:

  1. We prepared advertising accounts and linked them with all tracking and analysis tools.
  2. Activated events in the accounts to collect data.
  3. Integrated the pixel across all platforms.
  4. Launched activation campaigns for the accounts to achieve sales goals and brand spread.
  5. Utilized celebrity videos to gain customer trust and encourage orders.
  6. Segmented the website in terms of products and discounts.
  7. Segmented targeting and customers to identify the correct and best demographic.
  8. Conducted campaigns on different sections to determine the best and top-selling product.
  9. Created campaigns with multiple image and video creatives with different ideas to identify the best for the target audience.
  10. Launched advertising campaigns in various formats on each platform.
  11. On Snapchat, targeting and interests were defined with a variety of campaign goals, such as add to cart or sale, utilizing story ads, catalog ads, and carousel to showcase the products and its diversity.
  12. Activated Meta campaigns in their different types, dividing them into a group for Facebook page and story, and a separate group for Instagram page and story.
  13. Activated Google campaigns with images, market, and search campaigns after analyzing and choosing the best keywords related to the business and competitors.
  14. Ran campaigns on TikTok Smart and Performance, and also through influencers.
  15. Monitored campaigns and results daily.

Scaling and Growth Phase:

  1. After analyzing the results of the testing campaigns, the successful target demographic and the effective advertising format in terms of customer engagement were identified.
  2. We identified the best platform and launched various advertising campaigns on it.
  3. Determined the successful ad, offer, and design.
  4. Chose the best type of campaign based on results for further focus.
  5. Allocated budget to successful advertising campaigns and concentrated on them.
  6. Intensified advertising campaigns on the best platforms and launched interactive and activation campaigns for other accounts.
  7. Identified the successful demographic and retargeted them with different products and presented them with varying offers.
  8. Launched a similar campaign for retargeting, such as “Lookalike Audiences,” in its three types, determining the best in results, then started allocating budget to it and changing the ads targeted to them periodically.
  9. Daily monitoring was one of the best methods that helped identify the appropriate sales hours for scaling.
  10. Linked the account with Max Panel for real-time results monitoring and quick, accurate decision-making, as results do not appear as quickly in the accounts.
  11. One of the most important and effective retargeting strategies applied was targeting abandoned carts, sending them offers, and encouraging them to place orders.

Finally, the product stock was depleted more than once, and customers were directed to other products to activate them using successful methods and targeting the demographic derived from the testing campaigns, which resulted in successfully selling a large number of other stagnant products.

September Only

The Previous 6 Months Before Working with the Company

A simple comparison between the order status before working on the store and after shows the significant change in order volume and the clear improvement in sales figures.

This achievement was made possible thanks to the integrated marketing methodology and continuous monitoring of all advertising campaigns until we succeeded in achieving these remarkable results.

The results achieved by the store

Increase conversion rate

Improving the user experience and purchasing process on a website may increase the conversion rate, i.e. the percentage of visitors who purchase the products or services offered. This increase can be measured through site analytics and tracking of purchases.

Enhance brand awareness

The agency’s efforts may contribute to increasing and enhancing the brand awareness of the online store. You will follow this score by measuring the engagements and impressions that posts get on social media platforms and measuring interaction and engagement

Increase revenue

Improving marketing and promotional strategies may contribute to increasing the revenue generated by the online store. This will be measured by analyzing financial data and comparing revenues before and after implementing advertising campaigns and marketing strategies

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