A recent study indicates that out of every 3 new ecommerce stores. Two of them fail to last for more than 3 months.

We're here to change this.

All you need is The comprehensive Growth Methodology and you’ll be in control of all parts of the growth equation.

And it’s more than just ads and designs.

The beginning was that we couldn’t find a marketing agency that offer real growth as a service, so we created MAKASEB to achieve that.

Makaseb Establish

Makaseb was established as a Saudi company by a group of partners who own ecommerce businesses.

Exceptional results

But exceptional results require exceptional talent, especially in a critical sector such as marketing with a dearth of talent.

Created a training system

Hence, we have created a training system that produces the best marketing talents in all disciplines, to offer the comprehensive approach in achieving growth for stores.

Achieve business growth

To achieve real business growth for stores, by increasing monthly sales, and growing month after month.

Millions sales

And over the course of 3 years, dozens of stores have managed to achieve growth, some of which have reached more than 500%, with millions sales.

We help you grow your business Through Our Growth Methodology

Ecommerce Audit

The goal is obviously to create a winning offer, that the target audience like and love to buy.

Centralized Marketing Management

We do it all. We manage advertising campaigns, follow up with customers, write and produce content, and monitor reports.

Optimizations and building upon winners

Building on successes in all the marketing tasks followed, with the aim of achieving month over month growth.

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